Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Four and Twelve

Watching Forte and Cutler move the ball at will on that final drive to close out the game during the Bears' annual visit to Detroit really summed up the Lions' 2012 season well. The Lions looked fantastic at times, but the turnovers and weak defense (often times due to an offense that couldn't sustain a drive) would ultimately cost them the game.

Before I begin the arduous process of sifting through pages and pages of stats I feel like the fan in me just needs some time to process.

Fire Mayhew? Fire Schwartz? Fire Linehan? All across the internet fans try to place the blame for a team that continuously looked out of sync. They looked undisciplined and the play calling was unimaginative to say the least. Maybe this regime just isn't working.

Or was it because of injuries? Seventeen different defensive backs saw the field this season. I know that injuries are a part of the game, but seventeen is just ridiculous. And Jahvid Best failed to return to the field. And then Burleson got hurt. And then Broyles. And Corey Williams got hurt. And then Nick Fairley. And then Sammie Hill.

Oh yeah, and don't forget about the Titus Young situation.

Was it because of the tumultuous offseason? The Lions lost their projected starting cornerback in Aaron Berry due to his arrest and subsequent ejection from the team, they lost LeShoure for two games due to suspension, and had to deal with Fairley being arrested twice as well. They really lowered the bar for what a good offseason in 2013 would look like.

And why does Stafford keep throwing like that? Why isn't his position coach encouraging him to work on his mechanics? I have a difficult time knocking the guy that broke the pass attempts record and had to deal with maybe the most predictable offensive play calling I've ever seen, but I really hope he spends this offseason trying to take his game to the next level instead of listening to Schwartz.

Calvin Johnson is the Barry Sanders of wide receivers, and his career is beginning to look as if it may play out the same way. Are they really going to let that happen?

Is it really just taking this long to recover from Matt Millen and the 0-16 season? The talent is there. Regardless of what people want to say, this is not the same old Lions. As long as Stafford and Calvin are in the mix the Lions will always have a chance to win games, but there are still too many holes on the roster.

Well, here we go. Another offseason full of mock drafts and free agent speculation, but whatever happens... GO LIONS.

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